Digital Textile and Home decor inks


INX Digital offers a wide range of inkjet inks for Textile applications including Encapsulated Pigment inks for T-Shirts; inks for cotton home deco – upholstery, curtains, etc; and Dispersed Dye/Dye Sublimation inks for polyester soft signage, tradeshow graphics, and sports apparel.


TXKC Digital Textile Inks for Cotton


INX Digital’s TXKC is a water-based pigmented ink formulated with a unique water-based pigmented dispersion. They are optimized for highest image quality when running at superior printing speeds. These inks can be printed on pre-treated cotton and blend textile fabric. The formulations boast superior nozzle reliability, rub resistance that outperforms dye-based inks in similar applications. TXKC is approved by Kyocera and provides excellent jetting consistency and open time.


DTK Digital Textile Inks for Polyester


TRIANGLE® DTK water-based dye sumlimation textile inks for transfer pritning are suitable for all printers equipped with Kyocera KJ4B 300 and 600 DPI. They are is applicable for 100% polyester fabrics or in blends with different fibers (lycra, viscose, cotton, acrylic) with a minimum percentage of 70%. DTK can also be used on a variety of substrates including aluminum, wood, ceramic and glass that areusually unsuitable for the sublimation process after pretreatment with polyester-polyamide resins.