Platinum Textile


General Information & Highlights


With its impressive modern outern design, 320 cm print width, print speed up to 210 m2/h, 2880 dpi resolution and 14 Pl. droplet size, makes it possible to print on with photograph-quality on many similar types of fabrics like; Bed Covers, Curtains, Wall Coverings, Seat Covers, Flags, Table Clothes, T-Shirts, Clothings…

Textile Printer, with is impressive modern outern design, print width of 320 cm, print speed up to 210 m2/h, 2880 dpi resolution and 14 pl droplet volume, makes it possible to produce much faster and with more quality.








Color Scale


CMYK + Lc + Lm – CMYK


Drop Volume


13 Pl. – 3,5 Pl.


Drying System


Halogen Heather – Fan


Ink Types


Sublimation / Reactive / Pigment


Machine Size


3000 mm x 5800 mm x 1530 mm


Machine Size Fixation Unit


1100 mm x 5200 mm x 2000 mm


Machine Weight


2900 kg.


Power Requirements


230v (+/-) 10% / 32A / 50HZ


Print Heads


KM 1024i – Kyocera


Print Resolution


2880 DPI


Print Speed Up to


210 m2 / h – 200 m2 / h


Print Width


3200 mm


Printhead Quantity


12 (Max.) – 4 (Max.)


RIP Software


PhotoPrint – Ergosoft (Opt.)




Fixation Unit 3200 mm


Print Media


Curtain Fabric Raschel fabric Satin fabric Seat Fabric