Matrix MX-370 DP

Matrix® Duplex will halve your production time, laminating both sides of the sheet at the same time.


• Pneumatic pressure
• Laminate both sides at the same time
• Foil & Spot UV-style effects
• Easy-to-use control panel
• Anti-curl technology
• Semi-automatic feed
• Automatic seperator



• Commercial printers
• Digital printers
• Copy and print shops



• Business cards
• Menus
• Book covers
• Brochures
• Flyers

and many more…


The Matrix Duplex is an incredibly cost-effective system that allows printers to laminate single-side, double-side
and encapsulate their work, in-house.
The Duplex can also create beautifully finished work using Foils and Special Effect Films. Special custom-made blocks or dies are normally required to create foiling effects. But with the Matrix, this is achievable due to the adjustable pressure from the pneumatic rollers.
The Duplex will laminate both sides of the printed sheet at the same time, halving your production time. Whether you gloss the front and matt the back, or use Anti-scratch film on both sides of the print, changing rolls takes a matter of minutes.
They’re produced in Britain which shortens our supply chains and lead times. We’ve used the highest quality components within the system, including Omron switches and Schneider electrics.

Reverse Mode
Speed Control
Specifications MX-370 DP
Max. Encapsulating Speed (m/ft/min)10m/33ft
Max. Encapsulating Film Width (mm/inches)340mm/13”
Paper Thickness (gsm/lbs)100gsm/68lbs*
Maximum Sheet Width (mm/inches)420mm/17”
Warm-up Time (mins)10
Temperature Range (°C/°F)0-140°C/32-284°F
Power Supply (V)220/240
Power Supply Required (Amps)32
Power Consumption (W)4500
Overall Dimensions (mm/inches)800x1800x1400mm
Gross Machine Weight (kg/lbs)220Kg/485lbs