Digital Packaging and Label Inks


INX Digital is a leading global manufacturer of digital inkjet inks and coatings for Alternative OEM, Industrial, Specialty and Custom Digital Print Applications. Our inkjet formulations allow high-performance, high quality digital printing of short run labels, metal packaging, point of sale board, corrugated boxes, folding cartons or integrated promotional campaign work. INX Digital has you covered with inkjet inks, primers, and coating options for flatbed, roll-to-sheet, sheet-to-sheet applications for entry-level equipment all the way up to fully-automated, single-pass industrial printers. If you need help working with an integrator to customize a solution, we also offer design consultation and digital integration services.


XJL UV Digital Inks for Label Printing


Triangle’s XJL UV based inks are suitable for curing by mercury and LED lamps on Xeikon Jetrion Energy Curable Web Printers. XJL is uniquely formulated to have good adhesion and flexibility on a wide range of label materials such as paper, durable films, VIP films, and BOPP. These inks are intended for jetting with high consistency on Xaar 1001, 1002, and 1003.

Fast Curing
Lower Cost
Low Odor

Formulated to achieve GRACol standards and G7 targets
Backed by INX Digital’s Ink Train Warranty for Triangle brand Inks
BSR UV Digital Inks for Corrugated Printing
INX BSR digital inks for corrugated printing are approved for single-pass industrial uv inkjet printing in Barberan Jetmaster printers. The extended gamut inks are Swiss ordinance compliant and available in 8 colors with a UV inkjet water-based primer. They are low odor with excellent jetting performance and reliability that reduces print head servicing. Learn more about BSR Inks.


WXKC Digital Inks for Flexible Packaging


INX WXKC digital inks for flexible packaging are formulated with a unique water based pigmented design. They are optimized for highest image quality when running at fast printing speeds. WXKC offers superior light fastness with a wide color gamut. The formulations boast superior nozzle reliability and are approved for Kyocera 6pl to 42pl printheads with jetting temperatures of 25c to 40c.


NWUV Digital Label Inks


INX NWUV UV digital inks for label printing are optimized for LED curing with strong adhesion to a wide variety of traditional label material. INX offers CMYKW and Clear formulations but also has the ability to create custom spot colors as well as orange, green and violet. Our integration group and ink R&D team collaborates with many industry partners and OEMs to develop digital printing systems like the INX NW210/340 UV Digital Label Printer.


CPUV Digital Inks for Cylindrical Printing on Metal


INX CPUV UV digital inks emerged from INX’s decades of leadership in the metal decorating market. CPUV formulations have been fine-tuned for both decorative and functional printing onto metals and epoxy coatings found on beverage containers. CPUV offers a superior anti-blocking property that excels industry standards, high throughput from fast curing, and high chemical and scratch resistance. Our integration group and ink R&D team collaborates with many industry partners and OEMs to develop digital printing systems like the INX CP800 UV Digital Cylindrical Printer.


MEUV Digital Metal Inks for Metal Packaging


INX MEUV UV digital inks for flatsheet metal decorating are optimized for high pigment density and wide color gamut. The MEUV formulations have excellent anti-blocking properties with good adhesion at super fast cure speeds. They are intended for jetting through piezo DOD printheads at elevated temperatures which range from 40c to 55c respectfully. MEUV offers fast cure, high chemical resistance, and high scratch resistance.